Adventures in photopolymer printmaking

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In November last year I did a weekend course in photopolymer etching at Edinburgh Printmakers and now I'm properly hooked!


I've been back regularly to practise, putting my new knowledge to the test and diligently checking the notes every time I move through the process.  I've loved the whole atmosphere of the place - it manages to be both highly professional and very friendly, with a sort of background hum of intense but enjoyable creative activity.  The other printmakers I've met are generous with their knowledge whilst being humble about the challenges of being a printmaker.  I've also really enjoyed the physicality of the processes in the efficiently designed workshop - reminds me of my days at Manchester Polytechnic in the ceramic studio or the metal workshop, the smell of wet and dry, oiled machinery and funny coloured chemicals.

I know it's early days in my learning, but I set myself the goal of having some prints to show in my next exhibition, 'Figured wood', in April, so I've been working like a mad thing to find what works for my images - you'll need to visit the exhibition to see whether I've succeeded, but here's a few process pictures to get you started...


'Bart' the historic printing press


Lined up and ready to print


Proofs fresh off the press!

See here for more information about this printmaking technique and that course I attended.

4 Comments on December 19, 2017

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