Dalkeith drawing day

April 20, 2013 | Comments: 1 | Categories:

It won't be long till the leaves are out and the nettles are up, so I'm taking every opportunity to get out drawing at the moment.

Here's some images from last week's trip to Dalkeith Country Park:

sketchbook coffee

A few warm up sketches and some hot coffee to get started.


Settling on a spot to draw is hard when there are so many amazing trees to choose from, but I try to be strict with myself and just get drawing - they're all good subjects.

field-kit  drawing-in-progress

I make my drawings on a scroll of paper so that I can work on a decent sized piece but still transport it easily.  It does mean that I can't see the whole drawing at once while I'm working, so there's a kind of 'consequences' type of reveal when I've finished drawing from each angle.


The finished drawing about to come off the board - I blow away any bugs so they don't get rolled into it too.


Going through them in the studio, reviewing old and new, noting what to work on next.


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