Calder shattered beech 2

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Grown together

St Margaret's House, Edinburgh

11th - 26th November 2017

What do trees and woodland mean to you? This exhibition curated by Tansy Lee Moir will show how artists have been influenced by trees and how their practice has ‘grown together’.

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Dialogues with trees

Howden Park Centre, Livingston

4th November 2016 - 23rd April 2017

A collection of drawings which are the end products of my dialogues with trees.

Throughout their often very long lives, trees are engaged in a dialogue with their surroundings, with the ground they grow in, the prevailing weather, the other plants, animals and people that live alongside them.  There are physical clues in their forms that provide a record of that dialogue.

Similarly, the process of drawing is one of dialogue – it is a record of the interaction between the artist and the subject, the eye and the tree, the hand, the paper and the mark making tool.  As John Berger says, a drawing of a tree is not just a tree, but ‘a tree being looked at’.  All my work has intense looking at its heart.