Permission to Draw 2024 Block 1

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Upside down drawing

Following on from the exercise in our class, when you think you have 20-30 minutes peace and quiet, draw round your postcard to begin with to make a ‘frame’. Then try making a copy of one of these drawings in your sketchbook – if the whole image seems too overwhelming just choose a small section to draw.

Try using your fineliner pen and experiment with using it lightly to begin with. Focus on the shapes you can see.

Try this one using your graphite pencil. Play with using it with different pressure and on its side as well as with the tip.

No cheating! Turn your drawing round when you’ve finished to see the end result, I’ll show the originals next week.

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Extras Block 1.2

Contour drawing
Extra quick

Sit somewhere comfortable where you can rest your hand away to the side of your sketchbook, so you can’t see your hand while you draw.

In the live session we did three 5 minute contour drawings – these are very intense and can really change the way you see, so drawing for longer will be very helpful if you have time.

This time get your fineliner pen ready, then set a timer for 10 minutes. Position your hand in an unusual gesture, or at an angle which makes it look unlike a hand symbol. Looking intently at it (not at your paper) make marks which correspond to what you perceive, paying particular attention to where the lines disappear around the forms.

These may be small, short and tentative marks to start with, but try to experiment with different kinds of speeds, sizes and variations of marks. If you lose your place on the page, start again somewhere else, it doesn’t matter if they overlap. Just keep making marks until your timer goes off.

Extra focused

You could also try the same exercise with your shell or any other natural object. Imagine the pen/pencil tip moving over the surface of it and transcribe these movements onto your paper.

You are learning to see objects in a different way by doing this. Look at where the lines appear and disappear, where they go around corners or out of view, where they are defined and where they are delicate. The movements of your pen/pencil should mirror the movement of your eye over the object. Again, set yourself a timer and just keep drawing till it goes off – don’t feel as though you have to draw the whole thing.

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