Exhibitions | Turning Towards the Light

‘Turning Towards the Light’

4th March – 26th June 2022

Linlithgow Burgh Halls, Linlithgow, West Lothian

An exhibition of oil paintings and drawings exploring the complexity, vitality and sculptural presence of ancient trees.

green painting of a tree
‘Standing on the edge’, oil on panel

As humans we are both fascinated by darkness and compelled to turn towards the light. This exhibition brings together three bodies of work by artist Tansy Lee Moir which combine light, shade and movement to draw attention to our relationship to trees.

Tansy Lee Moir’s sanguine and conté drawings seek to capture the life force of trees as they constantly realign themselves. Her charcoals depict ancient oaks with a fluid dynamism reminiscent of water, their growth shaped over centuries. Her richly layered oil paintings use dramatic chiaroscuro to convey the solidity and stoicism of veteran beech trees emerging through crisp winter light.

charcoal drawing
‘Rivers of oak 012’, charcoal on canvas

Like most plants, trees employ phototropism, meaning they grow towards the light to maximise available energy. Although they turn far too slowly for human detection, they are constantly moving in response to their environment; twisting, reaching and flowing towards the sun. The work presented here is about that sense of movement, as if we were able to observe tree-time sped up to match our own.

Tansy Lee Moir sketching outside

‘What is it about the frozen, rumpled energy of these grotesque trees that touches us?’ Beechcombings, Richard Mabey

Visitor information

Linlithgow Burgh HallsLinlithgow Burgh Halls are fully accessible and open to the public Mon – Sat: 9am-5pm and Sun 11am-5pm. The exhibition is free to visit and the Halls are a 5 minute walk from Linlithgow train station on the Edinburgh-Glasgow line. You’ll find full details on the venue here»


Online Artist Talk

Join Tansy in her studio as she introduces the themes behind her oil paintings and drawings exploring the complexity, vitality and sculptural presence of ancient trees. Hear how she develops her ideas, gain an insight into her creative process and find out more about the materials and techniques she uses.

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Gallery Tours

A virtual tour is available here»virtual exhibition tourTansy will be in the gallery to talk to exhibition visitors on a number of dates throughout its run. For up to date news on all events subscribe to her Studio Newsletter or follow her on Instagram and Twitter

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How to purchase work

All the artworks in the exhibition are for sale directly from me. If you’re not able to travel to the exhibition in Linlithgow you can still buy work –  just email me with the title/s and I’ll let you know if they are available. If you are thinking of buying art for your home or workplace and would like to see any works in more detail, I can arrange a video chat to show you work up close and answer any questions, without any obligation to buy. If you’re curious to know what it would look like on your wall, I can also make a mock up from your own photo to help you decide.

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About the work

Foraging film by Steve SmartTo find out the story of these artworks and the trees and woodlands which inspire them, watch this short film about my practice.

You can read more about the origins of the work in my blog.