My work aims to capture the essence and energy of trees, transmitting their life force through the artwork. An ancient oak may have lived five centuries before the moment I draw it and continue another five centuries after I leave. ‘Tree-time’ is very different to our own.

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My drawings explore the sensual, expressive qualities of the trees I find, but are still very much grounded in close observation. The dramatic charcoals play with ambiguity, blurring the boundaries between tree, figure and bodies of water, allowing the viewer to make their own meanings. My oil and pastel paintings celebrate the resilience of trees and their sculptural responses to adversity. Read more about how I make my art on my blog.

Tansy Lee Moir studio portraitI am passionate about drawing as a way of seeing and understanding the world. In my drawing courses and workshops I help others to discover the joy of drawing too.

My live online drawing course starts on 22nd February and is now open for bookings.

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“I love your drawings Tansy, they are so beautiful. They are also very ‘tree-ish’ and really show your deep love and understanding of trees – you have the skill of creating on paper the ‘tree-ness’ of trees. Sarah, Permission to Draw student

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