“We all draw naturally as children but somehow, as we grow up, most of us grow away from drawing and think of it as a specialist skill rather than a natural human ability. I believe that drawing is a skill which can be taught and which anyone can learn.”

For us humans, drawing can be a way to express ourselves, notice beauty, make sense of things, play, have fun and relax – it’s not only for artists!

I am an experienced artist/tutor and have helped hundreds of adults to discover their creativity through the pleasure of drawing. I currently run an online course and in-person workshops. Want to learn to draw? Be first to hear when places are available by subscribing to my studio newsletter hereĀ»

Permission to Draw

‘Permission to Draw’ is a live online course designed to help you reconnect with that inquiring, child-like view of the world and learn to see and represent it in your own way.

Each week I will lead you through drawing tasks to develop your perceptive skills, your knowledge of drawing approaches and your confidence to play and experiment. Expect calm and contemplative exercises with enough challenge to keep you progressing, with guidance from me all the way alongside a supportive group of other learners.

Email me to add your name to the waiting list or read moreĀ»

Woodland drawing workshops


I will soon be running in-person drawing workshops, once Covid restrictions allow. On location around Edinburgh and Lothians, we’ll be meeting at a woodland setting to draw the trees together. More details will be published in May 2021 – subscribe to my studio news to be first to hear.