Phoenix trees

A new series of oil, charcoal and oil pastel works made during the Coronavirus lockdown in the spring of 2020.

A phoenix tree is one which has fallen, usually blown down in a storm. If the tree still has some roots intact and in contact with the earth, it will continue to grow from its new horizontal position, its existing structures adjusting to support and sustain it.

Dalkeith phoenix oak coming into leaf
Longshaw phoenix beech north
Drum phoenix birch three views north
Dalkeith split phoenix oak
Abercorn walking phoenix 3
Drum phoenix birch with witch's broom
Beecraigs phoenix beech, two views
Dalkeith split phoenix oak 2
Dalkeith prone phoenix oak, three views
Drum phoenix oak
Dalkeith phoenix oak north view
Witch Craig phoenix beech, three views
Drum phoenix birch, north and south views
Abercorn walking phoenix 2
Longshaw phoenix beech, three views
Drum phoenix cherry, two views
Longshaw phoenix pine
Witch Craig phoenix beech, two views
Abercorn tilted phoenix
Drum phoenix cherry, three views