Women talking trees

What happens when two ‘tree women’ get together? This conversation!

Cheryl Duerden is a forester and ancient tree champion who runs a blog and Instagram account for people who work with, protect, love and learn about trees. I was delighted that she invited me to be interviewed for her ‘Talking Giants’ series last month as she was particularly keen to have a female interviewee for the International Women’s day edition.

We had such a warm and interesting conversation, ranging around how my artwork has grown and been influenced by my subject to some more philosophical musings on our relationships with trees.

You can watch it here and have a peek at my tidied up studio in the background.


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Thanks to Cheryl for the opportunity to share my art and for being a great host. She’s had lots of other interesting guests too – look for her ‘Talking Giants’ posts and immerse yourself in some tree talk.