How Artwork Archive has changed my art business

When I didn’t know I needed an Artwork Archive

Just before I left my salaried job to go full time as an artist in July 2020, I had one of those pivotal moments in the studio when you know something needs to change.

charcoal drawing suggesting a figure
‘Marks and Memory 2’ charcoal on paper

I was selecting and packing work to send to an exhibition at An Talla Solais in Ullapool. I needed about 6 pieces and had an idea in my mind which ones they should be, but I was struggling to find one charcoal in particular. I had the images I needed in my digital catalogue folder but just couldn’t find the actual artwork. Frustrated, I searched my studio for an hour or more, had some cups of tea while trying to remember it, looked in the house, sat and wondered and felt very annoyed at my own inefficiency. Eventually it dawned on me that I had actually sold it and it now lived in Manchester!