Introducing the art of Calder Wood

a large tree in a lush green woodlandOn the horizon for autumn 2023 is a group show which I’m co-curating for Linlithgow Burgh Halls with West Lothian’s Arts Officer Camille Archer.

‘Calder Wood: Contemporary views on an ancient woodland’ will run from October 2023 – January 2024 in this beautiful historic building.

The focus for the exhibition is the rich and diverse ancient woodland site of Calder Wood, recently chosen as one of the Queen’s Green Canopy woodlands.

a charcoal drawing of a hollow tree
‘Calder hollow-hearted beech’ Charcoal on paper

Five artists spanning a variety of approaches and media will present works made over four seasons in response to the life and history of West Lothian’s prime ancient woodland site.

I have been drawing there since 2016 and spent much of my 6 month Howden Park residency getting to know it well, so I jumped at the opportunity to invite other artists with a sensitivity to trees and the natural world participate with me.

They are:

You can see some of my previous Calder inspired drawings here.

We have been meeting regularly in the woodland and outside it to share our thoughts, processes and stimulate the kind of creative thought which only happens when working alongside others.

Tansy looking up at a tree

We are also delighted to be working with the region’s Tree Officer and the Countryside Rangers to develop events which highlight the character and value of the woodland. Whilst tree planting has many benefits, in terms of biodiversity and carbon capture it’s even more important to protect what has already established itself over centuries, perhaps even millennia. Apart from being a wonderful local asset, ancient woodland in general is a precious habitat, often threatened and with little protection, so I’m looking forward to creating art which celebrates it.

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