Introducing the Spirits

a charcoal drawing of part of a tree
‘Seer’ Charcoal and conté on wood 30x30cm

A new arrival

They arrived unexpectedly, a procession of strange tree forms with wispy branches reaching out to anyone who’ll listen.

‘Spirits’ is a new body of work which has taken me by surprise. It has grown out of my recent study of movement and gesture but morphed into something quite different. For a long time I’ve studiously avoided drawing branchy details but these works demanded them to counter the powerful gestures of their decapitated trunks.

They began as trees but have become something (or someone) beyond that category of creature, so I’ve named their characters accordingly.


The origins of the ‘Spirits’

How a new series of artwork began

Isn’t it interesting how one set of experiences in our lives affects another quite separate set? It can literally change how you see the world. It’s all about making new connections. Creativity is essentially about connecting previously unconnected things, then making something to express that new perception.

Harbinger charcoal drawing by Tansy Lee Moir
‘Harbinger’ Charcoal and conté on wooden panel 30x30cm

I wanted to share a little on how my ‘Spirits’ series came about. It’s not always obvious how ideas for new work emerge but in this case there has been a clear path from experience to artwork.