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Through an intense process of connecting, looking and drawing, my dialogue with trees asks not just what they look like, but also what looking at trees can tell us about ourselves.

As an artist I am inspired by the forms and stories of old trees, by the way humans, animals and natural processes have shaped them. My art encourages us to look at trees in new ways and to think about our ancient, layered relationships with them as living organisms.

I work from my studio near Edinburgh and in woodland locations around Scotland and my native Peak District. I sell direct from the studio, from exhibitions and through my shop.

“Tansy’s Phoenix trees have a healing property; she has translated these special places which makes them magical for me. Her work has lifted a certain ‘film’ from my eyes – I look at trees with different eyes now!”
Maria Van Dalen, collector

Latest news

Next drawing course begins this August

Do you wish you could draw but don't know how to start? Join me for ‘Permission to Draw’, my live online course designed to help you reconnect with an inquiring view of the world, learning to draw what you see in your own way.
Latest news

The art-making process

An in depth look at 'Rivers of oak'

What inspired this series of charcoals? How do the images arise? If you're curious to see how I make my work, I reveal the processes and thinking behind the 'Rivers of oak' drawings in my recent blog
The art-making process