Art at the Kelburn Garden Party

Kelburn Castle – it’s a Scottish castle like no other…


This summer I’ll be taking part in a new Art Trail for Kelburn’s famous Garden Party.  The trail is entitled ‘The Neverending Glen’ and will feature installations, structures, events, workshops and wanderings around the beautiful Kelburn Glen.


I’ve had two recent visits with curator Sophia Lindsay Burns, to plan my contribution to the Trail.


It’s a glorious location, overlooking the Firth of Clyde across to Arran – here are some of the other artists admiring the view.


I will be doing my best to capture on paper some of the riotous energy of this incredible tree, Kelburn’s famous Weeping Larch, which is noted in Donald Rodger’s Heritage Trees of Scotland as a kind of botanical freak due to its weeping branches which have taken root to become new trees themselves.


I’ll also be doing some short drawing workshops for festival goers and visitors to the park over the weekend, most likely underneath this very tree.

Kelburn01        Kelburn02

There are plenty of other impressive, interesting, intriguing and magical trees around the Glen itself which I’m keen to encourage visitors to look at with fresh wonder, so I’ll also be installing some viewfinders in strategic places to add to the inspiration – there’ll more on this in the next blog post.

While you’re waiting, here’s some amazing beech architecture for you…


The Kelburn Garden Party runs Friday 3rd – Sunday 5th July 2015.

The ‘Neverending Glen’ Art Trail opens on Thursday 2nd July – tickets and booking info for both here »


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