Conversations with Trees at Kilmorack Gallery

Kilmorack GalleryImagine driving three hours through the rain to an old limewashed church in a quiet Highland glen, then stopping to find a giant spider guarding the entrance to an art gallery filled with creatures conjured from scrap metal parts. Then, just as you duck under the arachnid and approach the doorway, picture yourself being baptised in a drive-by puddle incident. True story.

This was my first, slightly surreal experience of Kilmorack Gallery near Beauly. It’s a beautiful building with a reputation for excellent art and I’m delighted to be one of its newest artists.

Inside Kilmorack Gallery

Thankfully gallerist Tony Davidson welcomed me with fresh coffee and a warm fire to dry off beside, after which I brought in my work for his consideration. While he had a look through it, I had chance to properly appreciate Helen Denerley’s masterful sculptures and sneaked in a wee drawing of the orangutan and baby.

Drawing the orangutan sculpture by Helen Denerley

Now showing at Kilmorack

‘Conversations with Trees’ 2nd – 30th September 2023
After the storm, charcoal on canvas
‘After the storm’ Charcoal on canvas

A selection of my oil paintings and charcoal drawings will be available from the gallery during September. View them here »