Studio storage secrets

My studio isn’t particularly tidy but I do like my space to be organised – I think it’s the 3D designer in me still trying to make things functional and pleasing too.  So here’s a peek at my storage solutions…


Flat storage

I can honestly say I have never fallen asleep in my studio, not even a little nap (though I know other artists who have!) but I do have a bed there.  ‘Upcycling’ is such a happy word – this is what I did with an unwanted ex-bunkbed that was hanging about the loft.  It was one of the first things built for my studio and had to be carried in pieces up eight floors by some handy helpers as the lifts didn’t work then.  The 12mm ply on top gives me a big sturdy worksurface and there’s loads of storage space for things that need to be kept flat.  The under the bed space is great for bunging the awkward stuff that won’t go anywhere else. 

Work in progress

Super strong magnets + adhesive ferrous strip = storage solution number two.


This is where I put things for review and rumination, it’s where ideas and sketches gradually evolve into finished works.


These Neodymium magnets are amazing and a little big dangerous too – they actually come with a warning leaflet.  No small children or pacemakers and under no circumstances put them in your mouth! Unless you enjoy A&E of course.  The best thing about them is that they don’t mark the paper at all and one little magnet can hold a surprising weight of paper.


Unframed work

I like to work on a large scale and the charcoal drawings I make are quite fragile until framed so I have a system of wires running along the studio wall where I can hang work safely when finished.


They’re from Ikea again and intended for curtains I think, find them here.


These are the clips supplied with the wires which are perfect for hanging works on paper.  I also use them to attach weights to the bottom edge of paper if it’s still curled.

Framed work

shelves      shelf

Built around the doorway is shelving designed to accomodate my framed work, made from Ikea’s Gorm range and some odds and ends of timber, hardboard, brackets and the like to make it stable.  I planned this carefully to make it fit the sizes of frame I usually have and to make best use of my space.  It looks a bit empty just now as I have work out in other places, but it will hold quite a lot and keeps it safe.

See my next post on ‘An artist’s workspace’ for more designer ideas!


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