Hanging the Wood nude tree limb exhibition

Hanging an exhibition is a task not to be underestimated.  It’s never as straightforward as you imagine and there are decisions to be made which shouldn’t be rushed, since hanging a group show means finding the best way to do justice to everyone’s work and allowing the artworks to ‘speak’ to each other.  A curator’s job is a subtle and sophisticated one – I’m only just beginning to learn how much I have to learn!  I’ll be curating my first large group show in the autumn and very much hope to be ready for the challenge.


There are four of us showing in Wood nude tree limb and it’s been a long hot week with some very hard work but I’m pleased to day that (almost) everything is ready for our preview tonight.  Just a bit of cleaning and tidying to be done, a few admin jobs and trying to stay cool when you’re excited about the show and it’s 27 degrees outside!


We spent most of last night placing Allan’s sculpture, which was much harder than I expected – in this view it’s not quite finished but we’re getting there.  The three dimensional work really brought the show together and made me smile when walked in to the gallery with fresh eyes after going back to the studio.

I’ll be sitting in the gallery during the week so I expect I’ll notice things that could be improved, both about my work and its presentation.  I love having this opportunity to reflect and review, perhaps it’s the nature of the creative mind always looking for a better way?




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