100 days of chiaroscuro: light and dark in art

Half way through my 100 day project

In the gloomy and restricted days of lockdown this January, I heard about the 100 day project on a podcast and decided that if there was ever a time to start a daily practice it was now. I set out to investigate how past artists have used light and dark to create drama and I did not think I was disciplined enough to keep going, but it turns out that I am more averse to failure than sticking to a routine! (Read about the background to my project here)

oil study of a tree

Here’s a selection from the first 50 days. Most of the works are around 10 x 10cm on paper or card. I’ve played with lots of the dry media hanging around my studio –  charcoal, graphite, sanguine, sepia, pastel, conté and I’ve also made some little oil studies of real and imagined trees using the wipe-out technique (after Carriere).

a copy of a rembrandt etchingcopy of Joseph Wright painting

Here’s hoping I can make it to 100 – it’s definitely getting harder now the evenings are light and travel and social restrictions have eased but I’m enjoying it too much to give up now.

You can view the gallery of the full 100 days here and check out my weekly posts on Instagram or Facebook.