‘Turning Towards the Light’ Artist Talks

artist talk at Linlithgow Burgh HallsWhat a joy is was last week to be back in a big room talking to people in person about my exhibition and journey towards it as an artist. There were some thought-provoking questions at the Burgh halls event, like ‘How do you feel about the effects of recent storms on trees?’ and ‘Have you ever refused to sell a work to someone you didn’t like?’ (that was a first!)

However, while it’s lovely to do that again, I’ve realised over the last 2 years that online events and platforms can have an important role in making art and events more accessible. I’ve attended lots of talks, conferences and other really interesting online events which would have been impossible for me to get to physically, so I want to offer that to anyone interested in my work too.

Online Artist Talk

I’ll be giving an online Artist Talk on Thursday 19th May, 7.30 – 8.30pm BST (GMT+1)

Join me in my studio where I’ll introduce the themes behind my oil paintings and drawings exploring the complexity, vitality and sculptural presence of ancient trees. Hear how I have developed my ideas, gain an insight into the creative process and find out more about the materials and techniques I use.

I’ll be hosting it on Zoom and love to make these things interactive where possible, so you’ll have chance to pose your questions and I’ll do my best to answer.

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Virtual Exhibition Tour

Also available online is an opportunity to browse round the gallery space virtually and listen to the occasional interjection/explanation from me. It’s been made with a 360 degree camera and I’ve had good feedback about this – it seems to be easy to navigate around so if you’re too far away to see the work in person its a good way to see the exhibition.

virtual exhibition tourYou can find all the details about my current exhibition, including a full catalogue here »